Melita Graduation

Grad Staff Advisor

Denise Benton

Scholarship & Bursary Booklet 2024

Scholarships Grad 2024

Municipality of Brenda-Waskada Award - Deadline is May 31st 

Carter Tilbury Memorial Scholarship - Deadline is May 31st 

Shayna Barnesky Memorial Scholarship - Deadline is May 31st 

Melita Nurses Bursary - Deadline is June 1st 

Prairie Vision Arts Council - Deadline is May 1st 

John A. Nevin Cattle Growers Education Fund Award - Deadline is June 1st 

Sacred Heart Parish Ladies Group Citizenship Award - Deadline is June 1st 

The Jeff Armstrong Memorial Award - Deadline is May 31st 

Melita Legion Branch #127 Bursary - Deadline is June 1st 

Valleyview Co-Op Scholarship - Deadline is May 15th 

Band Parent Committee Bursary - Deadline is May 31st 

Westman Communications Group Technology Scholarship - **Deadline is June 7th**

Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship - Deadline is May 31st 

RBC Scholarships - Deadline is May 31st 

Melita & Area Health Auxiliary Scholarship - Deadline is August 15th 

Melita & Area Health Auxiliary Bursary  - Can be applied for any time of year

Royal Canadian Legion Provincial Council Ladies Auxiliary - Deadline is Sept 30th 

Manitoba Beef Producers - Deadline is June 21st

Reston & Area Foundation - Deadline is May 31

Matthewson & Co. - Deadline is June 14th

Manitoba Young Liberals Scholarship - Deadline is May 17

Sport Manitoba Support Program - Deadline is May 20, 2024

Telus Student Bursary - Deadline is April 24, 2024

Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of Manitoba Bursary - Deadline is May 23

IODE In Manitoba - Deadline is September 9

Pipestone-Sifton Conservation Award - Deadline is May 24

TADD Scholarship/Bursary - Deadline is May 24

Municipality of Two Borders Grant 

Manitoba Youth In Care Scholarships and Bursaries - Multiple

This list is updated as new information comes in, please check back frequently!

ERA 2024 Scholarship Competition 

Grade 11 Students also;

Horatio Alger Association of Canada Scholarship-due March 15, 2024

Previous Scholarships from Grad 2023 to give you an idea of others that may be available;*

Melita School Scholarship Booklet **Due May 31, 2023

Health Auxiliary Scholarship **Due August 15, 2023

Health Auxiliary Bursary **Open due date

Valleyview Coop Scholarships 2023

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op Ltd. Bursary Competition Info

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op Ltd Application **Due May 15, 2023

Business Council of Manitoba (BCM)-Indigenous Education Awards

BCM application **Due March 31, 2023, extended to May 31, 2023

Manitoba Beef Producers Scholarship **Due June 23, 2023

2023 ERA Scholarship

Prairie Vision Arts Council Grad Bursary **Due May 1, 2023

Louis Riel Institute Bursary Flyer

Louis Riel Bursary Application

Mary Guilbault Metis Bursary *Due October 1, 2023

Manitoba Metis Federation Vickar Community Chevrolet Metis Students Award *Due October 15, 2023

The Red River Metis & Cantor's Family Award *Due November 1, 2023

Senator Gerry & Margaret St. Germain Bursary *Due June 26, 2023

SNOMAN Scholarships

SNOMAN Scholarship Program

SNOWMAN Scholarship Application Process *Due May 15, 2023

Pipestone-Sifton Conservation Award *Due May 26, 2023

WCG Scholarship *Due June 1, 2023

Reston and Area Foundation Scholarship/Bursary *Due May 31, 2023

The Royal Canadian Legion Scholarship *Due July 31, 2023

The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary *Due July 31, 2023

Previous Scholarships from Grad 2022-to give you an idea of others that may be available;*

RBC Royal Bank Scholarships

Marc Lynch Poster

Marc Lynch Award Application due March 2, 2022

University of Manitoba-Centennial Entrance Scholarship  due Apr 8, 2022

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre Scholarship Program due April 29, 2022

Prairie Vision Arts Council Bursary due May 2, 2022

Trudie Empey Memorial Scholarship due May 20, 2022

Westman Communication Group Scholarship due May 27, 2022

Reston and Area Foundation Scholarship due May 31, 2022

Prairie Mountain Regional Local Continuing Education Scholarship due June 1, 2022

Royal Canadian Legion-Bursary due July 29, 2022

Royal Canadian Legion-Scholarship due July 29, 2022

CAPSLE Bursary due June 30, 2022  **NEW**

Meridian Agriculture Scholarship (Thank You For Farming Tour)  **NEW**

Storwell Bursary Due September 1, 2022  **NEW**

Manitoba Beef Producers Scholarship due November 4, 2022

Melita & Area Health Auxiliary Bursary

Melita & Area Health Auxiliary Scholarship

ERA Scholarship for $1 Million and $100K


Previous Scholarships from Grad 2021-to give you an idea of others that may be available;*Please look at this!!***

Student Citizenship and AMM George Harbottle Memorial Award  **Due January 20, 2021

Manitoba's Credit Unions-Bursary Program  **Due January 22, 2021

Stacey Levitt Award  **Due February 28, 2021

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Bursary  **Due May 1, 2021

Manitoba Jurisdictional Educational Bursary  **Due May 1, 2021

Mark Dickof Memorial Scholarship Award  **Due May 14, 2021

Manitoba Young Liberals Scholarship  **Due May 15, 2021

Valleyview Co-op Scholarship  **Due May 15, 2021

Westman Communications Group  **Due May 21, 2021 This scholarship needs to be turned into Mrs. Benton by May 21, 2021

Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion Branch #127 Citizenship Award  **Due May 31, 2021

Sacred Heart Catholic Women's League Award  **Due June 1, 2021

Melita Nurses Bursary  **Due June 1, 2021

MB Beef Producers Scholarship  **Due November 5, 2021


Pre Grad 2021;